SIPP™ - Control equipment for transformer pits

SIPP™ is the collective name of a number of control equipment which ensure that transformer oil does not enter the environment. SIPP detects oil leakage from the transformer, checks that the oil catch pit is sealed and ensures that there is always room in the pit for all transformer oil in the event of a breakdown.

SIPP™ is available as both mobile and stationary control equipment, and has been developed in close cooperation with Vattenfall, E.ON, Ellevio and Göteborg Energi. SIPP is currently the market leader on the Swedish market. With SIPP, we are helping more than a hundred electricity grid owners in nine countries to check and ensure that no cooling oil from the transformer enters the environment.




SIPP Node is stationary control equipment that automatically ensures that no transformer oil enters the environment. When connected, SIPP Node is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and automatically issues an alarm when oil leakage is detected. All activities and alarms are stored to ensure traceability.

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SIPP Mobil is a connected mobile instrument that safeguards the discharge process from an environmental perspective during the maintenance discharging of water from an oil catch pit. SIPP Mobil is started manually and then works completely independently throughout the discharge process. SIPP Mobil ensures environmental safeguarding of the discharge process by measuring and checking the oil content of all water that is drained, ensuring that no oil enters the environment. The entire discharge process is monitored, and alarms are sent automatically if necessary. The design of SIPP Mobil is optimised to fit in a normal service vehicle used for service and maintenance visits to the substation.

SIPP LW is a permanently installed accessory to SIPP Mobil. SIPP LW measures the water level in the pit online and alerts you when maintenance discharging is required. The relevant maintenance personnel then travel to the oil catch pit and start drainage using SIPP Mobil.

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Services | SIPP APP

SIPP APP is the online user interface for SIPP customers that is available both via computer and smartphone (Android and iPhone). With SIPP APP, you can check your SIPP equipment and the state of all your pits directly on your smartphone. SIPP APP guarantees secure communication, access control, document security and storage, and is designed to meet stringent demands regarding IT security.


Services | SIPP APP-add ons

SIPP APP Support provides support for the installation and maintenance of SIPP Node and SIPP LW. The service consists of a number of instructional videos that describe each installation stage and guide you all the way through to commissioning.

SIPP APP Reports allows you to create reports on e.g. leaking oil catch pits, contaminated pits, etc.


Services | Other

SIPP Remote Installation is a service that is offered to SIPP Node and SIPP LW customers. The service includes online support from our installation experts during installation and commissioning, without the need for our staff to be on site physically.

SIPP API provides secure access to data via a REST API for customers who want integration with other systems. The service offers a number of different ways of accessing data from SIPP’s database for the customer’s maintenance system, business system or analysis system.






In our FAQ you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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