Extended technical approval

Gomero Group AB has received an extended technical approval for its control equipment SIPP from DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik). DIBt is a technical authority and service provider for the construction sector. The authority has been playing a pivotal role in the construction industry for many years. With its approvals and assessments, the authority ensures the safety of construction workers while promoting the development of innovative construction products and new technologies.

SIPP is Gomero's proprietary connected technology for predictive maintenance and environmentally safe management of oil leakage from transformers. It also checks that the oil catch pit is tight and ensures that the transformer’s oil always fits in the oil catch pit in the event of a breakdown. SIPP is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. SIPP has digital process support for installation and predictive maintenance via a web interface and app, and includes an interface for integration with the customer's business and maintenance system.

Huge step forward in regard to more commercial deliveries of SIPP

“DIBt is widely known in the industry as the German technical approval body and a leading European assessment body. The approval is therefore a huge step forward in regard to more commercial deliveries of SIPP, but it is also a validation that all stationary models of SIPP meet the German market's high demands for data security and data classification in a connected environment”, says Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

SIPP is the market leader in Sweden and helps over one hundred electricity network owners in nine countries to control and ensure that no cooling oil from the transformer enters the environment.

DIBt relies on technical expertise and experience from approximately 220 employees as well as over 570 external experts in research, the industry and public administration. The authority has cooperation and dialogue with partners and experts at a national, European and international level.