Predictive maintenance – a global market with huge potential

Globally, the market for predictive maintenance is growing 40% year - over - year, and are expected to be worth around 235 BSEK in 2024.

This growth is enabled by many factors, from cheaper connected sensors and computing power to digital transformation and sustainability. High reliability is another factor, especially in the energy sector were any form of disruption that might have significant consequences. Urbanization and increased electrification lead to an even higher demand for a stable and secure infrastructure.

Predictive maintenance leads to significant changes in the way companies maintain their assets. By using connected products, AI, and analytics, we can optimize and even automate.

Also, the environment wins when physical travel to maintain infrastructure can be minimized. Smarter maintenance and better asset management will also increase the life span of the infrastructure.

We have already secured over 6000 transformer bunds for more than 100 customers in 9 countries. We will be a foundation for their digital transformations

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